• Nokia Lumia 1520 Announced

    Nokia Lumia 1520 Announced

    The second of two new phones Nokia is introducing today is the company’s latest flagship.  Called the Nokia Lumia 1520, the handset combines a phablet-size display with all the high-end hardware the good old Windows Phone can handle. Like the budget Lumia 1320, this one comes with a supersized 6-inch display.  Unlike it, though, it supports full 1080p resolution, allowing Windows Phone to show an extra row of live tiles to take advantage of all […]

  • Nokia Lumia 1320 Announced

    Nokia Lumia 1320 Announced

    Nokia has announced a new large-screen budget smartphone.  Called the Nokia Lumia 1320, the handset combines a mega-sized 720p display with pricing that makes it competitive with many smaller affordably-priced phones in the market. Unlike most phone-tablet hybrids, the 6-inch behemoth is priced at a very attractive $339 before taxes and subsidies, which should give the handset a big push in emerging markets.  Sure, the specs feel a little underwhelming compared with the current hardware […]

  • Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced

    Nokia Lumia 1020 Announced

    Nokia’s smartphones have always had some of the best imaging feature sets in the industry.  And while the cameras in their past releases have always been hard to top, they take things a big step further with the Nokia Lumia 1020, which brings a crazy PureView 41 megapixel sensor. They’re calling it the “largest back side illumminated sensor available on a smartphone” and there’s no way anyone will argue otherwise.  Ensuring a stellar imagine experience, […]

  • Windows Phone 8 Review Part 2

    Windows Phone 8 Review Part 2

    You can read WP8 Review Part 1 here. Syncing Going through Zune is no longer necessary, as all devices on the platform now use MTP, so you can access it like a regular USB drive.    There’s also OTA updates, as well as cloud backups for your phone content (app list, messages, IE10 bookmarks, settings and more). Wallet This is, basically, a combination of Google Wallet and Apple Passbook, serving as a hub where you can […]

  • Windows Phone 8 Review Part 1

    Windows Phone 8 Review Part 1

    Back when Windows Phone 7 first rolled out, it was, for the most part, universally lauded.  It looked great, worked intuitively and made sense for mobile devices.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t the great comeback Microsoft had wanted: two years in, the platform has less than 5% of the smartphone market worldwide. Whether Windows Phone 8 will expand that userbase for Microsoft is something that depends on a lot of factors.  Today, though, we’ll look at whether […]

  • Windows Phone 8 Unveiled

    Windows Phone 8 Unveiled

    Microsoft has taken the wraps off its upcoming Windows Phone 8 software  at the Windows Phone Summit in San Francisco.  While they didn’t reveal all end-user features (according to Microsoft, they’ll release a more complete roster of details during the summer), they did rattle off eight specific platform updates that are considerably significant for the mobile OS. Hardware updates. Finally, Windows Phone will support multi-core processors, which should make the platform more competitive in today’s […]

  • Samsung Focus 2 Review

    Samsung Focus 2 Review

    The Samsung Focus 2 doesn’t have the best specs in today’s smartphone market. But it sports an attractive design, a beautiful display and 4G LTE, making it a well-equipped option among the ever-growing roster of handsets in stores. Design We love the way it looks — hard plastic shell, spritely curves and a generally youthful aesthetic.  While not as pretty as Nokia’s Lumia 900, it’s a definite looker, punctuated by solid construction.  It’s a little […]

  • Samsung Focus 2 Announced

    Samsung Focus 2 Announced

    The Nokia Lumia 900 may have imprinted itself as the “quality Windows Phone handset for budget users,” but Samsung won’t take it lying down.  In fact, they might give the Finnish handset a solid run for its money with the Samsung Focus 2, a new affordably-priced Windows Phone device joining the roster of AT&T. Available in every color of your choosing (as long as it’s glossy white), the phone doesn’t really challenge the Lumia’s appearance […]

  • Nokia Lumia 900 Versus HTC Titan II

    Nokia Lumia 900 Versus HTC Titan II

    For the first time in Windows Phone history, we actually have two drool-worthy handsets in the market that both run Microsoft’s fledgling mobile platform.  And we’d like to chime in on the most pressing issue in any current Windows Phone convert’s mind: which one should you get between the Nokia Lumia 900 and the HTC Titan II? The OS Since Windows Phone is a closed platform, there’s very little variance in the software between the […]

  • Acer Allegro Officially Announced In France

    Acer Allegro Officially Announced In France

    A while ago, Acer officially revealed a new attractively-priced Windows Phone handset.  Other than the name, however, no details about the device were released.  Well, we finally got the specs on that, as the Acer Allegro finally gets an official announcement out in France. Aimed at budget users interested in a Windows Phone device, the handset packs the bare minimum hardware required to run Microsoft’s mobile platform.   While that doesn’t really make for an exciting […]


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