• iPhone 5 Review

    iPhone 5 Review

    The iPhone 5 isn’t a revolutionary phone.  What it does succeed in is adding most of the stuff we wanted the iPhone 4S to have, such as 4G LTE, a larger display and a faster processor.  And truth be told, that’s all we really need. Design The redesigned frame is sharp, slim and light — everything we want our phones to be these days.  In fact, I’m amazed at how light the thing is, considering […]

  • A Complete Roundup Of iPhone 5 Rumors

    A Complete Roundup Of iPhone 5 Rumors

    The next iPhone — we know it’s coming and we can’t wait to hear all about it.  Like every Apple release, there are tons of rumors circulating.  Here’s a roundup of all the fairly good ones we’ve heard over the past few months. Release Date Leaked internal documents from Best Buy reportedly put the iPhone 5’s release date during the first week of October.  Preorders will supposedly start any day this week, which means a […]

  • Things We Want On The iPhone 5 But Will Never Get

    Things We Want On The iPhone 5 But Will Never Get

    WWDC has come and gone, yet we remain uncertain about what the iPhone 5 has in store.  I’m hoping it will, at least, have some of these.  But of course, it won’t. Micro-HDMI out.  Everybody’s got one, so why not the iPhone?  It already supports high-quality video, so why not throw in a facility to let me connect it to my HDTV.  That is, without having to buy another accessory.  Grrr. Expandable storage.  I understand […]

  • iPhone 5 Getting A Curved Glass Display

    iPhone 5 Getting A Curved Glass Display

    One of the newer rumors making the rounds for the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4S, as some people are speculating it will be named) is the device reportedly getting a curved glass screen.  Yep, similar to the one on the iPod Nano 4G.  Or, more fittingly, the Samsung Nexus S, the first smartphone to feature a “contoured display.” Broken by Digitimes, the rumor was spurred by Apple’s also-rumored purchase of between 200 to 300 glass […]

  • Rumor: iPhone 5 Render

    Rumor: iPhone 5 Render

    This is, supposed to be, what the iPhone 5 will look like.  At least, that’s according to anonymous sources quoted by Joshua Topolsky. While other sources have insisted on the next generation of Apple’s smartphone to be physically similar to last year’s version,  this render shows quite a departure from that.   If real, then the new iPhone’s design will be super-thin, tapered and with very little bezel along the sides of the display. According to […]

  • iPhone 5 Rumors: A5 CPU, 8MP Camera

    iPhone 5 Rumors: A5 CPU, 8MP Camera

    We’re a couple months removed from a new iPhone.   That means, we’re right on time for a new load of rumors and speculations.  This latest one comes courtesy of Concord Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s had a pretty good track record for rumors, having correctly pegged some of the iPad 2’s eventual specs. According to the note Kuo released, the iPhone 5 will only get “slight modifications” from its predecessor.  Much of the external design […]

  • Because They Never Get Old: iPhone 5 Rumors

    Because They Never Get Old: iPhone 5 Rumors

    Being the most popular smartphone  in existence, the iPhone regularly finds itself the subject of many rumors.  The latest, while not sounding any more credible than others before them, do sound quite interesting. Core hardware. This isn’t that big of a news, but according to Taiwan tech publication Digitimes, Apple is outsourcing the production of its A5 chip (which should be based on the ARM Cortex A9’s design) for the iPhone 5 to Taiwan Semiconductor […]


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