• HTC Desire C Announced

    HTC Desire C Announced

    HTC has announced a new affordable Android phone.  Called the HTC Desire C, it features modest specs and a decent-sounding roster of features. Unlike most of HTC’s budget efforts which gets a compact size with displays under 3 inches, this one actually get a respectable amount of screen real estate.  The press release says it uses a durable metal frame, although the case looks completely plastic from the photos. Details of the HTC Desire C […]

  • HTC One X Review

    HTC One X Review

    After being shown up by many shinier, more powerful handsets last year, HTC is strong comeback this year.   The HTC One X leads the charge. Design We love the way the One X looks, which is easily identifiable from the horde of slate-style smartphones that bear similar styling.  Instead of an aluminum unibody, HTC opted for a single of polycarbonate plastic.  While that should have been a bad thing, the result isn’t — for some […]

  • HTC One S Announced For T-Mobile

    HTC One S Announced For T-Mobile

    T-Mobile has announced a new 4G smartphone, billing it as the thinnest one they’ve had to date.  Called the HTC One S, it’s the middle-of-the-pack device in HTC’s new One trio of devices. Measuring just 0.3 inches along the sides, this is one slim handset, which beautifully complements the sleek aluminum unibody and light 4.22-ounce weight.   It isn’t all about the looks, either, fitting enough high-end hardware to ensure it sticks out as T-Mobile’s new […]

  • Three New HTC Smartphones Announced For China

    Three New HTC Smartphones Announced For China

    HTC has announced a trio of new smartphones for the Chinese market.  All three comes as part of the affordable Desire series and are billed as: HTC VT, HTC VC and HTC V. All three handsets come with Android’s latest flavor, Ice Cream Sandwich, at the helm, along with Sense UI 4 on top.  And yes, it should make you feel bad if the new phone you bought is still stuck in Gingerbread land. Each […]

  • HTC Evo 4G LTE Announced

    HTC Evo 4G LTE Announced

    Sprint has announced the newest high-end player in its smartphone line-up.  Called the HTC Evo 4G LTE, the latest addition to the Evo line will be the first US handset to feature HD voice, which boasts a “fuller, more natural-sounding and less -fatiguing voice quality.” Clad in an aluminum spaceframe, it measures 0.35 inches in thickness and comes layered in an anodized black finish.  Oh yeah, the kickstand is back, allowing you to set it […]

  • HTC One X, Meet HTC’s New Flagship Android

    HTC One X, Meet HTC’s New Flagship Android

    At the Mobile World Congress earlier this week, HTC announced the company’s newest flagship device.  Called the HTC One X, it looks to be a strong effort from the manufacturer who’s been overshadowed by other smartphone makers as of late. Dressed in a sleek unibody design, it features a case machined from a slab of white polycarbonate, topped by durable Gorilla Glass out in front.  The styling looks more like Nokia’s Lumia line than HTC’s […]

  • HTC Evo Design 4G Announced

    HTC Evo Design 4G Announced

    Sprint just announced a new Android smartphone that combines sleek design, nice specs and mid-range pricing.  Called the HTC Evo Design 4G, it’s also the first EVO-branded device to come with world phone capabilities. While no powerhouse next to current market releases, it does seem like one of the more attractive mid-range options out there.  It looks premium, too, with its aluminum unibody construction and very streamlined profile. Details of the HTC Evo Design 4G […]

  • HTC Radar 4G Announced

    HTC Radar 4G Announced

    T-Mobile has announced a new Windows Phone Mango handset.  Called the HTC Radar 4G, it’s, basically, a 4G version of its namesake Europe-bound smartphone (which, last we heard, should come out October). Sporting an aluminum unibody design, this is one sleek-looking device.  It’s youthful, without being gaudy, especially in the white/gray color scheme shown off in the product image. Details of the HTC Radar 4G include a 3.8-inch capacitive touchscreen display (), a 5.0 megapixel […]

  • HTC Rhyme Announced For Verizon

    HTC Rhyme Announced For Verizon

    When a mobile company holds a press event, it’s usually for some groundbreaking new smartphone.  We’re not sure what HTC’s expectations for the HTC Rhyme, but it’s apparently what this week’s special event is all about. Marketed towards female users, the handset was presented with a lavender shell, although a silver version is also expected to be released.  It also comes with a color-matching bundle of accessories that include a docking station, a sports armband, […]

  • HTC Sensation XE Announced, Comes With Beats Audio

    HTC Sensation XE Announced, Comes With Beats Audio

    We guess we speculated too soon about HTC Runnymede being the first smartphone from the company sporting their newly-acquired Beats Audio inside.  That honor actually belongs to the just-announced HTC Sensation XE, a music-friendlier version of the HTC Sensation 4G. What magical additions will this tweaked handset get?  According to HTC, it now integrates Beats Audio technology, which should deliver “fuller bass, crisper vocals, and a new level of clarity and range.”  To enjoy that, […]


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