• Motorola XT615 Announced For Taiwan

    Motorola XT615 Announced For Taiwan

    Motorola has announced a new phone destined for the Taiwanese market.  Called the Motorola XT615, the handset boasts slim lines, a large screen and an affordable price. While not quite as skinny as the Motorola RAZR, the phone still wears a notably slim shell .  Plus, the light metallic finish of the edges make it look even thinner.  Phone dimensions are 117.7 x 60.5 x 9.85 mm, with a weight of 123.6g. Details of the […]

  • Motorola XT531 Announced

    Motorola XT531 Announced

    Motorola just announced a new affordable Android smartphone.   And for a budget-friendly handset, the Motorola XT531 doesn’t look half bad. For one, it’s got the sleek appearance down pat.  With rounded edges and a youthful design, the 114 x 62 x 11.95 mm frame is actually easy on the eyes.  Plus, it’s quite well-serviced in the actual hardware, too. Details of the Motorola XT531 include a 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen display (480 x 320), a 5.0 […]

  • Huawei Vision Announced

    Huawei Vision Announced

    If someone told you the next sexy Android smartphone to drop will come from Huawei, you probably would have laughed.  But it’s true.  And it’s this sleek little number called the Huawei Vision. Just announced in Beijing, the handset brings a curvy and slim design that’s about as stylish as any smartphone out there today.  Decked in a unibody  aluminum alloy (for real), it measures 9.9mm at the thinnest point and weighs in at just […]

  • T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Announced

    T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide Announced

    T-Mobile just announced one of their most awaited smartphones.  That will the HTC-made MyTouch 4G Slide, a beast of a handset with some serious hardware onboard. Like the previous 3G Slide, this one packs a full QWERTY keyboard that you can slide out from the side.  It shares some similarities in design with the 4G-less predecessor, but it’s an entirely new phone with slightly better aesthetics in tow. Details of the MyTouch 4G Slide include […]

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review: Good For Gaming, Average For Android

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Review: Good For Gaming, Average For Android

    The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play debuted with big fanfare and lofty expectations.  With the gaming focus apparent on the phone’s design, it’s definitely unique.  But is it really better for mobile gaming than other Android offerings out there? At first glance, it looks just like any regular landscape slider smartphone.  It’s a little thick, but the touches are premium, similar to many of Sony Ericsson’s releases.  Except when you move it to expose the QWERTY […]

  • Pantech Vega Racer With 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU Announced

    Pantech Vega Racer With 1.5GHz Dual Core CPU Announced

    Pantech has announced a new Android smartphone for the Korean Market.  Called the Pantech Vega Racer, this one boasts a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU that should get benchmark geeks excited to give it a try. No, we haven’t entered the month of even faster mobile processors yet.  In fact, this handset runs on the same dual-core chipset used by the HTC Evo 3D (Snapdragon MSM8660) — just overclocked to get the extra muscle.  It’s paired […]

  • Sharp Aquos Phone SH-12C Announced For Japan

    Sharp Aquos Phone SH-12C Announced For Japan

    Hey there, HTC Evo 3D and LG Optimus 3D.  Say hello to your new brother in the three dimensions, the Sharp Aquos Phone SH-12C. Likely to stay within the confines of the Japanese cellphone market, the new smartphone comes with both 3D recording and playback, similar to the first two 3D handsets to grace the news in recent weeks.  It even ups the ante in the camera department, with its dual stereoscopic module boasting 8.0 […]

  • First Preview: ZTE Skate

    First Preview: ZTE Skate

    Want your smartphone big and cheap?  Well, the Droid Charge sure is big but there’s no way it’s cheap.   The ZTE Skate, an upcoming Android smartphone, just might be your cup of tea. Previewed by Greek website Digital Life, the handset first showed up during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it barely received much attention.  With a price currently rumored at 250 Euros off-contract, though, it’s now beginning to turn some heads. Details of […]

  • HTC Sensation 4G Announced

    HTC Sensation 4G Announced

    The HTC Pyramid superphone has been rumored to be coming for months.  Today, it finally goes official under the moniker of HTC Sensation 4G. As previous leaks have noted, the handset matches many of the HTC Evo 3D’s features, beefing it up even more on some of the hardware specs.  Being the company’s new flagship Android handset, it gets a premium look, courtesy of the aluminum unibody, rounded edges, slender proportions and a contoured screen […]

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Announced

    Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Announced

    Sony Ericsson just announced their newest Android smartphone.  Called the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, the handset packs some serious camera and multimedia features inside its slim, curvy frame. By curvy, we’re talking about a pronounced concave-curve at the rear of the phone that gives it a decidedly elegant feel, apart from making the body look slimmer (8.7mm around the middle) than it actually is.  Frankly, we’re loving the design — it’s a nice break from […]


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