An entry-level clamshell phone, the Samsung SGH-T139 doesn't offer much to begin with.  Sporting an easy-to-use design, good call quality and functional feature set, however, it's also not bad - not bad at all.

Physically, it looks like a generic flip phone.  In many ways, it is.  The gray outside panel is about as industrial as you can get, punctuated by smooth lines and a compact shape.  Everything about it is as basic as you can get, both inside and out.  To its credit, the overall build, including the clamshell mechanism, feels sturdy.

It comes with two screens - a 1-inch external panel and a 1.75-inch internal display.  Do both of those sound particularly small?  Well, they are - even for a phone this size.   The external monochrome display only shows the most basic details, while the larger colored one is a little more decent.  As a saving grace, the keypad and controls are excellent, with spacious layouts and rubbery keys.

As a phone, the SGH-T139 manages above average call quality.  There's a hint of sharpness, but nothing to overly distract you, and plenty of volume.  Battery life is rated at four hours of talk time.  With this thing sipping too little power, expect at least two days or more of normal use.

Features, of course, are basic.  There's a 300-contact phone book, a slew of productivity tools and the usual messaging options (SMS, MMS and IM).  Samsung also threw in some of the most essential niceties, such as a VGA camera (with a decent amount of options), a WAP browser (strictly GPRS data, though) and  Bluetooth.

Overall, the Samsung SGH-T139 keeps things ridiculously simple and basic.  At the price ($59 without a contract), it's good enough, although I've seen cheaper.


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