HTC Touch Pro2 Looks Impressive


HTC had more up its sleeve, of course, than a new Android phone over at MWC.  Just as interesting is HTC's new flagship QWERTY handset, the Touch Pro2.

As expected, the new mobile phone is hefty on the specs with a 3.6 inch resistive touchscreen (WVGA resolution), 3.2 megapixel camera with touch-sensitive zoom controls, a slide-out QWERTY keypad, GPS, accelerometer, FM radio, dual speakers, dual microphones, microSDHC slot and the usual host of connectivity options.  A nice touch was added to the sliding input mechanism, allowing it to tilt up for better typing posture at any angle within its range, apart from featuring larger keys with a very good tactile response.

Key update for the Pro2 is HTC's newest iteration of the TouchFLO 3D, which features pretty remarkable improvements over the old implementation.  The software on top of Windows Mobile has also been reworked, featuring better integration between one function to the next.

The dual speakers and dual mics were introduced to facilitate better audio and speakerphone functions.  Combined with a proprietary sound processor from HTC, audio quality is touted to be the best you can find in a smartphone at this time.  The idea does seem sound although it would have been doubly more compelling if testing the feature was already available (sadly, the units in MWC were pre-production versions).  If it does work as advertised, though, this could be a serious selling point for the device - imagine being able to make clear calls hands-free without needing to wear a silly Bluetooth contraption.

With one of the best QWERTY implementations in the market and the (supposedly) top-notch speakerphone functions, the HTC Touch Pro2 should prove to be a remarkable business phone when it does hit stores sometime in the second half of 2009.

Photo Credit: HTC

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