Acer Liquid E

Acer has recently gone live with the newest member of their Android-powered line up, the Acer Liquid E. The device set to take the markets soon will be powered by the impressive Android 2.1 OS and will pack a Qualcomm 8250 768 MHz snapdragon processor, one of the most powerful processors available to smart phones on the market today. In all truth, however, the Liquid E is simply an updated form of one of Acer's other recent releases, the Liquid. With similar specs and load outs the only real difference is seen in the form of the operating system it runs, yet even that can mean a huge step up from the previous phone version seen earlier.

The new 2.1 Android, also known as "Eclair", delivers a number of upgrades over the previous 1.6 "Donut" version, affording all users an overall much friendlier phone experience. Still, this does beg the question among many industry analysts why Acer did not simply issue an upgrade to the existing Liquid phone rather than investing more time and money into the complete new design of the Liquid E - a question that is still yet to be answered as of late.

Regardless, the Liquid E still packs an impressive 3.5-inch TFT capacitive touch screen (for ultra-friendly finger and thumb usage). Although it would have been nice to see a bit more than a measly 256k colors, the 480x800 WVGA resolution generally more than makes up for this. The device also sports a great media player to play back a number of different file formats, and with the added functionality of viewing YouTube, this makes entertainment a breeze.

Camera-wise, the Liquid E does sport a fairly decent five-megapixel camera, and along with a wide range of pre-installed as well as downloadable applications it's a breeze to quickly upload any photos you take to social media sites like Facebook and Flickr. Another big plus is that the camera comes with an LED flash (something not seen on all phones these days) as well as decent video capturing at 20fps, a relatively good auto-focus and even geotagging (for those interested in sharing the exact location a picture is shot from at any given moment).

The big bonus for the Liquid E comes in the form of its actual interface, though. Since the Liquid E is running the new Android 2.1 system that means the home screen is actually five screens, all of which are able to be interacted with in a 3-D viewing mode so that users can easily select which screen they want to zoom in on at any given time. Combined with the Snapdragon processor for quality application running this means a smooth, quality experience from the home screen onwards.

All in all, the new version of Android really does soup things up, although potential users might want to hold off to see what Acer's next handset has to offer by way of improved specs before making the leap to the Liquid E as of right this moment.

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