Rumor: Android 5.0 Jelly Bean Already On The Way

Still waiting for your smartphone or tablet to be upgraded to a manufacturer-provided version of Ice Cream Sandwich? Here's something to piss you off even more: Google is reportedly prepping the latest Android 5.0 Jelly Bean for a second quarter release.

The rumor was broken in by DigiTimes, who's been known to get their information direction from Taiwan-based hardware providers. While it's accuracy may or may not be on point, it's still interesting to hear some of the features that are supposed to come with the new version of the mobile platform.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean will supposedly have the ability to dual boot between Android and Chrome OS, finally bringing Google's browser-based platform to mobile devices. If this is true, then it also makes the next version of Android more viable for installing in a notebook form factor, finally bridging the gap between mobile tablets and pseudo-mobile netbooks (or whatever the next generation of cheap, low-power computing will be called). Additionally, the OS will reportedly bring further optimizations for larger-screened machines.

When exactly in quarter two? There's no exact word, but the most likely date will be June 27th -- the start of the Google I/O Developer Conference. Could still be earlier, though, so we'll have to wait and see.


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