Nokia C1 And C2 Dual-SIM Phones Announced

Nokia just announced the company's first dual-SIM phones and they're seriously low-end. Called the Nokia C1-00 and the Nokia C2, both handsets feature basic capabilities housed inside a candybar form factor.

The first of the two phones, the C1-00, isn't a full dual-SIM phone. While you can load two SIM cards into the device, you will need to alternate use between them, holding down a button to switch from one to the other. It runs S40 and boasts the longest standby battery time for any Nokia phone - a hefty six weeks, according to the press release. Details of the handset include a smallish color display, VGA camera module, torch light function, FM radio, music player and microSD card expansion.

Offering a more complete dual-SIM experience, the Nokia C2 can operate with both networks active, ready to receive calls and texts. Even better, the second SIM is hot-swappable, allowing you to slip a new SIM card without turning off the phone or lifting the battery cover. It doesn't have a camera, but features Ovi Mail, Ovi Life Tools, Nokia Messaging, FM radio, music player, microSD card expansion up to 32GB and battery standby time of up to 16.5 days.

Neither phone has 3G nor WiFi, but both come with a wireless browser for surfing web sites via GPRS. Pricing for the Nokia C1-00 is pegged at 30 Euros ($36) and the Nokia C2 at 45 Euros ($55), with no contract. The former should be available in several markets shortly, while the latter is expected to debut during the fourth quarter.

[Nokia via Gizmodo]

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