iSnap Me: Best Way To Take Self-Portraits On A Phone’s Cam

Granted, this isn't a review.  Yet, I can't help but feel that the iSnap Me, a suction cup attachment to mobile phones, has finally solved that longstanding problem of how to take good, in-focus self-portrait shots on phones that don't have a front-facing camera.

How?  By letting you attach a system of mirrors to the back of the phone and having the camera module take a shot of your reflected image instead.   That means no more guessing whether you're in the center of the picture or if you're under proper lighting - you can see it in the camera UI right before you hit the shutter button.

The iSnap Me is billed as a "self-portrait adapter," which is actually an excellent name, given the function that the innovative accessory performs.  It looks decidedly ghetto as hell, with a plastic  frame that looks like a garden tool, suction cups for attachment and a dual-mirror reflector right on the "scoop."  Apparently, though, it works like no other accessory (that I've heard of, at least) has done before it.

While designed for the iPhone (remember, all three previous generations had no front camera), it can actually work with a bunch of other handheld gadgets.   Compatibility is limited, however, to devices whose cameras are within 10mm of the edge and have about 50mm of surface area for the suction cups to latch on.

Sure, iSnap Me is far from the sleekest iPhone accessory ever created.  But snapping self-portrait shots where you neither need to have your arms stretched out nor do multiple takes sounds like a good enough reason to get one.  It's available from their website for $19.95.

[iSnapMe via Red Ferret]

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