Google Holding Presentations At The 2010 Game Developer’s Conference, Giving Away Free Phones


Need a free phone?  If you've got independent game publishing credentials, you might get either the Motorola Droid or the Nexus One for free, courtesy of Google.

The search giant has announced plans to hold sessions for Android game development at the upcoming Game Developer's Conference.  With two new Android handsets capturing consumer's interest like never before (i.e. the Droid and the Nexus One), it sounds like a good time to make inroads in what has basically become a prime selling point for iPhone and iPod Touch devices - the presence of high-quality gaming titles in the App Store.

Sessions will be technical in nature and will cover the full development cycle in both Java and C++.  Android engineers will be on hand to answer questions.  To gain a little more interest from independent coders, they're also offering to dole out complimentary handsets to attendees who register for either All Access passes or Tutorials and Summits passes before February 4.

It's a good move for Google which should bring a little more attention to the one genre that the Marketplace is severely lacking at the moment - games.  Of course, they'll likely have to do more than just butter up developers, considering that existing game publishers (e.g. Gameloft) have already aired complaints about the Android Market's inability to efficiently sell games.

Is 2010 the year that Android effectively challenges the iPhone in the area of gaming?  I doubt it.  With continual improvements in the Marketplace, however, along with genuine efforts to reach development teams (such as this), they just might get on the road to finally start catching up.

[Android Developers via Mobile Crunch]

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