Stephen Elop Outs First Nokia Windows Phone

Who needs sneaky bloggers?  Company CEO Stephen Elop can leak Nokia devices all on his own and pretend to be playing innocent while doing it.  And this one's really newsworthy: the Sea Ray (codename), Nokia's first Windows Phone handset.

As you can probably tell, the phone looks a heck of a lot like the Nokia N9 they announced the other day.  Except it doesn't run the obscure Meego operating system.  Instead, it touts the latest Windows Phone Mango, complete with the Richmond outfit's tiled homescreen.

According to reports, Elop showed it to the audience at hand during an event.  Pretending to not want publicity for the "super confidential" product, he asked people to turn off their phones and cameras.  Yeah, right.

A Windows Phone version of the N9 could certainly be a hit, especially given people's reaction to the hardware when it came out.  I mean, how sweet is that unibody design?  And that camera?  And that Gorilla Glass display?  So far, people have noted only a couple  of differences between this one and that Meego phone: this one has a camera shutter button on the right and it features a different LED placement for the flash.

Ah, Nokia -- just bring something to market already.

[via Technet]

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