Cost Of Ownership: Palm Pre vs iPhone 3G S vs Android G1


Product recommendation site Billshrink wrote up a chart (reproduced below) comparing the merits of three of the most popular handsets in the market right now, namely the iPhone 3G S, the Android G1 and the Palm Pre.   Pitting the critical features of each phone, along with their associated costs, it serves as a useful reference for individuals still on the fence about which smartphone to give their next two years of mobile use to.

Storage capacity sees the 16GB iPhone 3G S taking a considerable upside (especially considering there's a 32GB option for just another $100), against the Pre's 8GB and the G1's 1GB (with expansion capabilities).  All three devices slot in near-evenly on 3G talk time, camera hardware, connectivity and GPS.  Things, of course, begin to vary once you realize that only the 3G S has access to tens of thousands of apps at the moment, though the other two devices certainly have the infrastructure in place to handle the same.

The chart, of course, is more about each phone's financial implications to consumers than anything.  As such, while it shows the upfront cost for each handset, it highlights the oft-overlooked cost of ownership, based on both the initial cash outlay and the two-year service they are tied to.  Surprisingly, the Pre came out the better purchase on that last criteria, coming out $1,200 and $750 cheaper than the 3G S and the G1, respectively.

While the chart is helpful, there are, of course, more things that should factor into your eventual choice.  It doesn't, for instance, take into account the fact that the Pre is essentially a first-generation technology and is expected to come with all the headaches associated with such.  At any rate, it's an interesting reference for those trying to make one of the most difficult choices they'll face this year: iPhone 3G S or Palm Pre?


Photo Credit: BillShrink

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