Zombie Highway: A Driving Game…With Zombies

If there's anything we learned from the App Store, it's that there are innumerable ways to enjoy a zombie infestation.  Joining the iPhone's endless stream of undead treatments is Zombie Highway, a violently-amusing driving game with zombies galore.

You spend the game driving around post-apocalypse America in a car.  Instead of racing other drivers or avoiding obstacles, though, your goal is to just step on the gas, while zombies pop up from all over trying to stop you.

In Zombie Highway, you get seven varieties of the undead - from the skinny, underpowered ones to health-generating hulking types.  Evading them is easier said than done, as the mutants will literally work their asses off, trying to tip your car over.  They'll cling on to your vehicle, pilling in numbers, until you either manage to get them off or your car eventually topples to the side.

You can get rid of zombies by sideswiping them onto the many wrecked cars that litter the highway.  It takes more than one hit, though, as each zombie has its own health bar.  Fortunately, you've got an arms dealer friend riding with you, so you can use his stash of weapons to further damage your assailants.  New weapons are gradually unlocked the more you play.

Three things really stand out in the game: brilliant driving physics, aggressive zombie enemies and very crisp 3D graphics.  On the downside, sound effects are nearly non-existent - you'll likely just have as much enjoyment if you mute the damn game.

Overall, Zombie Highway makes for an addicting experience.  There's not much beyond the simple premise, but the execution is really engaging.  You can get it from the App Store for 99 cents.

[Render Paz Studios]

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