IP Camera Turns Your iPhone Into A Nanny Cam, Local Web Server


Want to use your iPhone as a remote camera?  There's an app for that now, too.  Called IP Camera, the new downloadable software takes a photo using your phone at specified time intervals (12 to 15 seconds), then gives users in the local network access to them over Wi-Fi.

Sure, it works like a charm.  The photos are uploaded to a local webpage (turning your iPhone into a mini-web server, of sorts), which can be accessed via a browser in the same network (regardless of whether you use a PC or another phone).  As soon as you launch it, IP Camera will run continuously, pausing only when you receive a phone call (and resumes as soon as it's done).

The real question, though, is why you would want to use your iPhone like a nanny cam.   Since it's a phone, you're supposed to keep it in your pocket so you can receive calls and texts, not leave it in a stand at some corner of your house.  It's an odd proposition, to say the least.

I suppose it's a good backup tool for a baby monitor or a nanny cam (in case your actual device breaks), to keep tabs on certain areas of your house, while you work in your home office.  It could also prove to be of some value for messing with co-workers - yep, one more way for technology to help waste precious office time.

IP Camera doesn't come with a lot of features beyond those basics.  Then again, with a $1.99 asking price, you really shouldn't expect all that much.  It works for what it does, though.

Photo Credit: WebWare

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