Guerilla Bob Delivers Traditional Gameplay, Outstanding Presentation


Dual-stick, top-down survival shooters literally swamped down on the App Store late last year and continues to do so through the start of 2010.  The just-released Guerilla Bob joins the ever-growing roster, but quickly sets itself apart with a polish that most titles can only dream of.

Like other games in the genre, it relies on two virtual joysticks to play through it.  The left one helps you move, while the other stick fires.  These controls and the gun-toting action surrounding them should be familiar to anyone who has played similar shooters, so there's not much to surprise you on that end.

Guerilla Bob starts out with a forgettable story, but quickly redeems itself with addicting, non-stop action.  Even better, it manages to keep the linear top-down gameplay fresh by varying the way your enemies attack - some will come right at you, some will jump at you from behind cover and others will catch you during treacherous moments (such as when crossing a bridge).

Presentation is the game's strongest point and it is why you'll be drawn to it from the get-go.  The Middle Eastern theme makes for gorgeous levels, the characters look spectacular (even the lowliest enemy soldier), the visual effects are spot-on, the music is eerie and the voice acting is downright hilarious in parts.

With only seven missions, though, Guerilla Bob ($2.99 at the App Store) is rather short. It literally leaves you hanging.  In fact, most people playing it on the Difficult setting will likely find themselves wanting  more in two hours.   A quick sequel please is definitely in order...please?

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