Tough chick heroines with legs, boobs and guns have been gaming staples for a long time.  The latest incarnation of the stereotype for the iPhone comes in the form of Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet, a dual-stick survival shooter pitting the provocatively-dressed protagonist against a stream of aliens.

In the game, you play Daisy Mae, a trailer park hottie who finds herself at the forefront of saving the Earth from unfriendly invaders.  The story, scenes and overall atmosphere appears fully-inspired by low-budget, direct-to-DVD alien invasion movies, giving it that fun, cheeky appeal.

Gameplay is just standard survival shooter, where you kill as many aliens as you can.  There's a good variety of them, including giant ones that take up a large part of the scenes.  You get three lives to spare, which you can extend by finding lipstick power-ups scattered about.  We love the control system, by the way, which allows you to use a third joystick - very helpful if you're bad with survival shooters to begin with.  The game is also quite fun.

Already got enough titles of the genre?  It might make sense to add this one to the collection, since it brings two things you rarely find in similar games on the platform.  First, the collision detection is amazing, allowing you to use environmental objects (such as cars and garbage) to your advantage.  Second, the further along you get, the skimpier her clothing becomes, which adds an extra enticement for playing on a lonely night.

Available for $1.99,  Daisy Mae's Alien Buffet is just a time waster - but a decidedly entertaining one.   Even savvy iPhone gamers need skimpily-dressed heroines too.



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